• Methycobal 30 Tab
Item Name: Methycobal 30 Tab
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Pack Size: 30 Manufacturer: Eisai
Active Ingredients: Mecobalamin Category: OTC Products
Concentration: 500 mcg Brand: Methycobal
Dosage Form: Solid DF Serialization: ********
Sub Category: Neurology Products
Dose: One tablet each eight hours/The dose should be adjusted according the severity of sympotms

Methycobal 30 Tab - Mecobalamin - Indication: Diabetic Neuropathy, B12 Deficiency Full Description

1- Acting as Ch3 donor for the trans-methylation process which has main role for Phospholipid and Protein synthesis "initial for nerve cell rebuilding : DNA and Mylen sheath"
2- Only Active brand - mecobalamine using for Neuropathy, B12 deficiency and Megaloblastic anemia"
3- Highly and wide safety profile with < 0.1% hypersensitivity
4- Compliance: - Patient can take it either IM , IV or Tablets - Injection is Painless because its not oily
5- methycobal  is technical superior which ensures its stability : -robotic manufacturing -Laser impurity detection -Totally manufacture in dark place

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