• Myonal 50 mg 100 Tab
Item Name: Myonal 50 mg 100 Tab
Item Code: 11010205
Pack Size: 100 Manufacturer: Eisai
Active Ingredients: Eperisone HCL Category: Prescription Products
Concentration: 50 mg Brand: Myonal
Dosage Form: Solid DF Serialization: ********
Sub Category: Neurology Products
Dose: One tablet each eight hours after meal for one month

Myonal 100 Tab - Eperisone HCL - Indication: Muscle Spasm Full Description

Myonal is  white sugar coated tablet  contains 50 mg of Eperisone hydrochloride.

Myonal is a second generation  non-sedating muscle relaxant  due to its  different mechanism  of action  different than other  muscle relaxants :
1- It works on gamma-neurotransmitters and is therefore the least effective in causing drowsiness among all muscle relaxants
2- It has a triple action on the convulsive muscle, so it does the following:
A- It increases blood flow to the muscle tension area
B- It relaxes the  muscle spasm
C- It has an analgesic effect

Indications :
1. Improvement of myotonic symptoms in the following diseases:
- Cervical syndrome
- Periarthritis of the shoulders
- lumbago

2. Spasticity associated with cerebrovascular disorders and other encephalomyelopathies

Dosage and administration :
The  usual adults dosage is , three tablets (150mg) daily taken orally after meal
The dose should be adjusted according to the age and symptoms of the patient.

- Patients with drug hypersensitivities
- Patient with hepatic function disorders

Special precautions:
Drug interaction with methocarbamol

Side effects and adverse reactions:
- Shock and anaphylactic reactions
- Ocular mucosal skin syndrome (Stephen-Johnson syndrome)

Pregnancy and lactation:
- Myonal should only be used in pregnant women or women suspected being pregnant if the expected therapeutic benefits are evaluated to outweigh the possible risk of the treatment
- It is advisable to avoid the administration of myonal in lactating mother, ( excreted in milk of lactating women )

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