• Methycobal 500 mcg 10 Amp
Item Name: Methycobal 500 mcg 10 Amp
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Pack Size: 10 Manufacturer: Eisai
Active Ingredients: Mecobalamin Category: OTC Products
Concentration: 500 MCG Brand: Methycobal
Dosage Form: Injectable DF Serialization: ********
Sub Category: Neurology Products
Dose: Megaloblastic Anemia 3 Amplues/Week for 2 months the dose should be reduced to 1 ampoule at one to 3 months,Perepheral neuropathy 3 ampouls per week

Methycobal Amp -  Mecobalamin - Indication: Diabetic Neuropathy, B12 Deficiency Full Description

MethyCobal 500 Mcg (Ampoules)
Each Methycobal Ampoule 500 mcg is  clear red liquid
Each 1 ml ampoule contains 500 mcg mecobalamin
Methycobal is the active form of Vitamin  B 12 which  taken up by nerve tissue more actively and extensively more than other Vitamin B12 forms
Methycobal is the first pharmaceutical product that has shown by double blind clinical studies to be effective and useful for the treatment of numbness, pain & paralysis due to peripheral neuropathy.


1. Peripheral neuropathies
Treat the signs and symptoms of neuropathy due to diabetes or other diseases   by acting as Ch3 donor for the trans-methylation process, which has main role for Phospholipid synthesis for mylen sheath rebuilding  
In addition, methycobal has a role in protein synthesis, which is required for DNA synthesis inside the cell to help nerve axon rebuilding

2. Megaloblastic anemia  due to vitamin B12 deficiency

Dosage and administration:
1. Peripheral neuropathies
The usual daily dose for adults is 1 ampoules ( 500 mcg ) administered  3 time a week  ( IV or IM )

2. Megaloblastic anemia  due to vitamin  B12  deficiency
The usual daily dose for adults is 1 ampoules ( 500 mcg ) administered  3 time a week  ( IV or IM )   , after approximately two month of treatment the dose should be reduced to 1 ampoule weekly  for  one to three months interval as a maintenance  therapy

General precautions
MethyCobal should not be administered for extensive periods ( months )  to patients who show no clinical response.
Other precautions:
Prolonged use of larger doses of methycobal is not recommended for patients whose occupation requires handling mercury or its compounds.

Adverse reaction: 
- Gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea and diarrhea may infrequently occur
- Dermatological skin rash may rarely occur
- headache and hot sensation .

Pregnancy and lactation: 

There are no adequate studies, and the decision is referred to the doctor, according to the case based in risk benefits ratio

Caution :
Methycobal ampoule are packed in LPE( Light protect easy open pack ) for the quality assurance during the storage hence remove the ampoule from the pack just before use

Premium quality product manufactured by Eisai Japan .

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