• Nutricia Kindergen 400 gm
Item Name: Nutricia Kindergen 400 gm
Item Code: 14010127
Pack Size: 400 gm Manufacturer: Nutricia
Active Ingredients: Complete Formula Category: Prescription Products
Concentration: Brand: Nutricia
Dosage Form: Solid DF Serialization: ********
Sub Category: Medical Nutrition Products
Dose: Recommended feed concentration 1g in 5ml water

Nutricia Kindergen 400 gm - Complete Formula - Indication: Renal Impairment Full Description

Kindergen is a nutritionally complete powdered feed containing cow’s whey protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and trace elements with low* levels of potassium, chloride, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A.


Kindergen is specifically designed as a sole source of nutrition or as a supplementary feed for the dietary management of infants and children with chronic renal failure where peritoneal rapid overnight dialysis (PROD) or continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis (CCPD) is required. In order to minimise the risk of bone disease, the phosphate level was designed to be low and the calcium level adjusted accordingly to give a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 1.2:1. Other modifications include slightly higher sodium and higher percentage of calories from fat. Suitable from birth onwards.

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