• Asacol 500 mg 20 Supp
Item Name: Asacol 500 mg 20 Supp
Item Code: 23010103
Pack Size: 20 Manufacturer: Tillotts
Active Ingredients: Mesalazine Category: Prescription Products
Concentration: 500 mg Brand: Asacol
Dosage Form: Solid DF Serialization: ********
Sub Category: Gastroenterology Products
Dose: Please refer to doctor recommendation


ASACOL (Mesalazine) Indication: Anti-Inflammatory for Ulcerative Colitis and Hemorrhoids.      Full Description

ASACOL (Mesalazine) -also known as Mesalamine or 5-Amino Salicylic Acid (5-ASA)- is an anti-inflammatory drug used to Induce and maintain remission of Ulcerative Colitis (UC), which is one of the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD).

ASACOL suppositories are small, fatty base, torpedo shape suppositories which are very convenient for patients.


- Induction of Remission: 1.5 g/ day (up to 3 suppositories).

- Maintenance of Remission: 1 g/ day (2 suppositories).

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