What is Nairoukh Click?

We care.. We Developed our Services..

As Nairoukh Pharma care about you and insures to serve you with the latest digital technology, and to make our communication the easiest and most effective any time any place, we launched this state of the art updated e-services & secure gateway through our website and mobile apps (Android & Ios), in which you can explore, order, and points system you will be rewarded throughout upon using your free account, in addition to the below services:

  1. keep you updated through SMS and pdf emails of any action regarding your account in terms of details & amount like (sales, returns, order status, payments, e-statement "Interactive")
  2. Explore & review all detailed actions of your account, in a secure way.
  3. Order through explore our products, offers, or place your customized order by filling your invoice by your self
  4. You can pay online upon finalizing and activate this service
  5. With NairoukhClick points rewarding system you will enjoy your gifts from NairoukhClick, anytime you can review your annual counted points and you can increase your points through increasing your purchases using NairoukhClick.
  6. Special offers when you order using NairoukhClick
  7. Chat with our customer service agent
  8. Because we are partners & we care, a special page for your valuable feedback has been created
  9. Informative corners like pharmacist & video corner

You can create NairoukhClick account simply by:

  1. submit a request through sign-up
  2. Our Customer Service agent will contact you via your accredited mobile no. after reviewing your request (Optional)
  3. SMS will be sent to you containing your account no., user name and password
  4. Your account will be activated after inform us of changing your password
  5. Now you can enjoy our e-services by signing-in
  6. You can call our Customer service agent to reset your password in case you forget it
  7. Being idle on the system more than 20 minutes, resign-in will be required to secure your data

You can WhatsApp or call our customer services agent 00962778441234