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Pack Size: 30 Manufacturer: Ildong
Active Ingredients: Beta-Sitosterol Category: OTC Products
Concentration: 7 mg Brand: DEN-Q
Dosage Form: Solid DF Serialization: ********
Sub Category: Dental Products

DEN-Q-Beta-Sitosterol  - Indications: Helps in Gingivitis & Periodontitis Full Description

Systemic Beta-Sitosterol, the first and the only product proven clinically to be effective for Periodontal Disease (Gingivitis & Periodontitis).

It has very unique triple mechanism of action:

- Normalization of epithelial cells.

- Promote osteogenesis of the alveolar bone.

- Regeneration of periodontal ligament.

Recommended dose:
Initial  dose is 2 tablets 3 times daily before meals for 4 weeks & maintenance dose is 1 tablet 3 times daily before meals.

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