Message From CEO


Jordan is going ahead as a major pharmaceutical market in the Middle East which attracts leading companies in the field of health and personal care; particularly as these companies in turn compete to provide the best quality products to the Jordanian citizen.

As citizen’s health constitutes a priority for us, we work with devotion and diligence hand in hand with our partners every where to provide highquality products and modern preparations in return for the best prices.

Thus, we managed to provide most important drugs to patients with heart, diabetic, cancer, stomach and eye diseases along with preparations derived from blood and related products intended for feeding patients.

On the top, we sought to provide the best personal care products through major companies in this field.

As we anticipated the importance of each input made to upgrade this sector, we primarily sought, both as marketers and distributors of a set of leading trade marks, to keep up with modern and state-of-the-art developments towards providing high-quality sale and logistic services. So, we will help you as partners in terms of working to attain all that you need for improving your businesses and extending the best services to your customers.

In view of our anticipation of the future challenges which the pharmaceutical industry will face, we are earnestly working to prepare and utilize our resources for providing you with the best solutions so that we will continue to work together to extend the best to the citizens.

My best wishes

Dr. Fadel Nairoukh