• Medex Royal Gelly Men 30 Caps
Item Name: Medex Royal Gelly Men 30 Caps
Item Code: 57025
Pack Size: 30 Manufacturer: Medex
Active Ingredients: RJ, Zn, Vit E, Ginseng Category: OTC Products
Concentration: Brand: Medex
Dosage Form: Solid DF Serialization: ********
Sub Category: Food Supplement & Multivitamins Products
Dose: One capsule per day

Medex Royal Gelly Men 30 Caps - Indication: Pioneer product, highly recommended to enhance mental, physical and sexual activities in addition to boosting immunity, Full Description

Medex Royal Gelly contains: 


Per 1 Capsule

Nutritional value*

117 mg

Lyophilized Royal Jelly

10 mg


10 mg

Vitamin E

100 mg


Royal Jelly (Lyophilized): The drying technique ensures the highest purity of royal jelly, Royal Gelly Medex has many benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes, it is considered an antioxidant and reduces the side effects of cancer, reduces menopausal symptoms and symptoms of pre-menstruation in addition to strengthening the body with general activity. It is available in a concentration of 117 mg (equivalent to 350 mg of fresh royal jelly).

- Ginseng: Mainly helps in improving immunity, mental concentration and general physical and sexual activity. Available in a concentration of 100 mg.

- Zinc: It is an important element to raise the body's immunity against diseases, and it also enters in the processes of forming enzymes and hormones inside the body. Found in a concentration of 10 mg.

- Vitamin E: It is one of the most important antioxidants that fight free radicals, bacteria, and viruses present in the body, in addition to that it supports the immune system and cell functions, and keeps the skin healthy. It is present  in a concentration of 10 mg (recommended daily dose).

 Recommended dose:
One capsule daily, it is recommended to take it for two months, one month break then you can continue.

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