• Apitropin Eye Drops 1%
Item Name: Apitropin Eye Drops 1%
Item Code: 215
Pack Size: 10 ml Manufacturer: API
Active Ingredients: 1% Category: Prescription Products
Concentration: Atropine Sulfate Brand: API
Dosage Form: Eye, Ear, Nose Drops DF Serialization: ********
Sub Category: Eye, Ear, Nose Products
Dose: 1 Drop one hour before refraction

Apitropin Eye Drops 1% - Atropine Sulfate - Indication: Anti-Lazy eyes & Dilate the pupil before eye exams Full Description
  • Diagnostic eye drops.
  • As a topical mydriatic and cycloplegic.
  • To treat some cases of eye inflammation, such as chronic iritis.

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